NavInfo is a China-based technology company leading the way to become the “digital brain of intelligent driving” with core businesses in HD map, high accuracy positioning and automotive-grade semiconductors for ADAS and autonomous driving. Founded in 2002, NavInfo is the market leader in navigation map, navigation software development, dynamic traffic information, location big data and customized connected vehicle services to both passenger and commercial vehicles. Now, NavInfo is ushering in the age of autonomous driving with a comprehensive technology development strategy and laying the foundation to become one of the most trustworthy autonomous driving solution providers in the China market and beyond.

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NavInfo HAD Map Introduction

NavInfo HAD Map is an unparalleled level of map innovation that contains accurate sophisticated and yet machine-friendly data to assist the autonomous driving vehicles to understand our world in a humanized manner. It is a cloud-based product that presents the real world with highly precise road information and detailed attribution.