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Smart Mobility: Purpose driven, integrated and evidence-based Goudappel Coffeng is committed to improving the quality of life by deploying our mobility expertise and so to contributing to a healthy, sustainable and attractive society. We have over 50 years experience in mobility engineering in a country where mobility really matters: the Netherlands. Together we are 250 urban planners, traffic engineers, researchers, psychologists, process managers and IT-professionals (within DAT.Mobility) specialized in just one thing: knowledge leadership in mobility, in its full depth and diversity: factbased, user-oriented, multimodal by using our brands Goudappel Coffeng (mobility consultants), DAT Mobility (mobility data and it services) and Excellent Cities (urban mobility program for cities abroad). We believe (smart) mobility to be a key driver for liveability and economic vitality; when user-friendly technology is combined with the city’s heartbeat. We foresee cities to become both more important and more complex to manage. We cherish our strong track record, like the strong culture on bike and long tradition for integral planning. We believe that this knowledge and experience provide effective solutions worldwide. Goudappel Coffeng, therefore, is your purpose driven, integrated and evidence-based Smart Mobility partner. www.goudappel.nl www.goudappel.eu

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